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Safe and Caring Policy

Dear Parents;

One of the Jennie Emery School Goals for 2018/19 is to implement a Safe and Caring School Policy. This policy can be found here in draft form. It has been approved by the staff, the School Council and Palliser Regional School District officials.

Beginning January 7th, this policy will be in effect on a trial basis. During the remainder of the school year the administration team will continue to consult with staff members and parents in order to make any necessary changes. If the policy proves to be effective, it may then become an official document to be included in the 2019/20 School Handbook.

Please read the “code of conduct” carefully and discuss it with your children in language that they can understand. Some of them may be unsure of what behavior is acceptable, especially on the playground.

The School Council will be hosting an open house on January 14th at 6:30 PM. You are invited to come and ask questions about the policy or discuss your concerns with the administration team and officials from the Palliser District office.

The administration team members from January through June, 2019 are: Randy Broadhead, Acting Principal; and Vice-Principals Kristi Schooten, Amy Kerr, and Elisabeth Keatings. You may direct your questions to them or to the School Council executive.

On a personal note, it has been a privilege to associate with Mr. Wayne Street during the past three weeks. He is a wonderful example of genuine goodness. The children have promised to honor him by helping to keep the playground safe.

 I will make every effort to protect your students as he has done. He will be missed and remembered because of his positive influence.

He and I have had similar administrative experiences and we share many common values. Our mutual wish for you and for this building is best expressed in words penned by a classroom teacher more than ten years ago. It was Candace Clendenning who wrote:

“This building is dedicated to children. May all who pass through laugh with abandon, play without harm, realize their worth, be anxious for nothing, anticipate the future, and learn new skills to turn dreams into reality.”

May the joy of the holiday season comfort you and your families and give us hope for a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Yours truly,

Randy Broadhead

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