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Mental Health Week * updated daily!

Welcome to JEES Mental Health Week!

Each day this week we will highlight one (or two) ways to wellness! 

Don't forget to wear a Hat on Thursday, May 9th for 'Hats on for Mental Health Day'

Day 5 

Today’s focus is: Eat Health Foods

Chemicals in your brain affect the way you think, feel, and act while the food you eat influences your health and every throughout the day.

Some things you can do to help regulate your mood through food:

  • -Eat breakfast everyday and avoid skipping means
  • -Eat using Canada’s Food Guide
  • -Drink water. Dehydration affects your energy levels and mood
  • -Limit processed foods, fast foods, high sugar drinks, and snack foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.
  • -Limit caffeine from coffee, tea, pop, and energy drinks. These drinks can make you feel anxious, nervous, or depressed and can impact your sleep
  • -Limit alcohol. It can cause low mood, irritability, and aggressive behavior
  • -Food can also be a great way to connect with others. Make time to eat or cook a healthy meal with family or friends 


Day 4 - (Hats on for Mental Health)

Today’s focus is: Laugh 

~A good laugh can actually create physical changes in your body by stimulating your heart, lungs, muscles, and increase endorphins released by your brain.

~Smiling and laughing is a powerful way to lower stress, it can:  

  •                    -Reduce negative emotions
  •                    -Help you relax and recharge
  •                     -Change perspective
  •                    -Strengthen connections with others


~Here are some ways to bring more humour and laughter into your life:

  • -Smile
  •  -Look on the bright side. When you can, try to look for the positive in every situation
  • -Get together with a friend who makes you laugh
  • -Share a joke with others
  • -Watch a funny movie
  • -Make time for fun activities with friends and family



Today’s focus is: Get active & Get your groove on!

Being active improves your mood, helps to decrease depression and anxiety, increase positive self esteem, and improves sleeping patterns.

Just 30 minutes of walking for 10 days may be enough to reduce symptoms of depression.

Music has the ability to change your moods and can help pick you up when you’re feeling down.

Listening to music can be an integral part of healthy living and lead to a greater quality of life

Music can:             

  •  -help you focus and concentrate
  •  -facilitate creativity and personal reflection
  •  -help to ease pain
  •  -improve sleep quality
  •  -help you feel more optimistic, joyful, friendly, relaxed, and calm
  •  -reduce negative emotions



Today’s focus is: Be Kind/Practice Gratitude

Kindness helps you and others by enhancing positivity, changing your perspective ,creating a sense of community, helping us feel connected to others , reducing stress , and improving mood and self-esteem.

Being grateful can help develop a positive outlook on life.

Simple ways to spread kindness and be grateful:

  • ~Volunteer
  • ~Help a friend or neighbour
  • ~Ask someone how they are feeling
  • ~Offer support and encouragement to others
  • ~Say good morning and smile
  • ~Make someone laugh
  • ~Be generous with compliments
  • ~Leave a kind note for someone special



Today our focus is: Be Yourself

Appreciating yourself can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Believing in yourself gives you the courage to try new things, and helps you feel proud of yourself for trying even when things go wrong or you make mistakes.

Think about positive things about yourself and surround yourself with positive people!

Some things to do to “Be Yourself”:

  • ~Try something new. Getting out of your comfort zone builds confidence.
  • ~Write down positive things about yourself and your life. Place these notes around your house as reminders to help you stay positive.
  • ~Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on the qualities that make you unique.
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