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Friday – Reduce Stress!

Friday – Reduce Stress!

 Whether it is neglecting our diet, taking on more than we are able to do, feeling irritable and anxious, having difficulty making decisions and even experiencing stomach upset and increased heart rate, we all find ourselves falling victim to unmanaged stress. These experiences are an extension of the fight or flight response—an adaptive feature of our bodies that helps us deal with a threat. While being fueled by adrenaline and having an increased heart and breathing rate, and other ways that our body becomes physically ready, are very good in the short term for threats to our immediate physical danger, a prolonged and unmanaged response can lead to long-term health repercussions. Part of dealing with stress and anxiety is the ability to recognize stress and implement strategies to deal with it before it becomes an overwhelming problem.

Coping with Stress Healthy Strategies


Get plenty of rest                                                                Watch a movie

Set time for yourself                                                            Spend time with a pet

Favourite childhood activity                                                   Take a bath or shower

Breathing exercises                                                              Focus on the good things

Exercise                                                                              Use a positive affirmation

Work out                                                                              Watch a funny video

Play video games                                                                 Set realistic expectations

Listen to music                                                                     Ask for help

Eat healthy food                                                                   Leave the situation

Drink water                                                                          Manage your time

Talk to friends                                                                      Be organized

Meditate                                                                              Spend time with others

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