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Update for selling 50/50 tickets on June 6th (Sat) at the Coaldale Demolition Derby. 

All the Parent/Teacher volunteers are to meet at the volunteer tent at the entrance just before 11am. Monty will be giving us T-Shirts to wear, aprons for the money, buckets for the tickets, food vouchers and all the free water we want!! 

We need at least 4 people at all times – any extras can double up to cover more ground. Please pass on to friends and family as we still need 3 or more volunteers!! You can work in 2 hour shifts. 

The Lethbridge Demolition Derby will be August 8th – for an additional chance to sell 50/50 ticket to benefit the playground! 

Don’t forget we still need 8 more volunteers for the Kinettes Bingo Event at Winner's Bingo on June 12 from 5 – 10 pm.

Please let the school office know, or call or text Kristina Tanaka at 403-892-5567 if you can help out.  


If we can't provide enough volunteers for these events, we will not have enough funds for a New Playground this year.  


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