What is required to register my child at Jennie Emery?

Registration forms can be found in the school office for Early Learning - Grade 4. A copy of your child's birth certificate/proof of citizenship is required for their cumulative file. Any additional questions can be answered in the school office or phone the school at 403-345-2403.

What is the in-town busing policy?

Almost all students residing in Coaldale are deemed ineligible for transportation by Alberta Learning (i.e. they live within a 2.4 km radius from their designated school), and there is no provincial funding available. As a result, the bussing must be provided on a “fee for service” basis. 

To determine if your child is eligible for funded busing parents are to contact Palliser at (403) 380-2612.  If your child is not eligible for funded transportation contact the Town of Coaldale at (403) 345-1300 to register for the In-Town Busing Service. 


Can my child ride the bus with a friend if they are not a regular bus student?

Request for Ride-A-Long form is required for any student wishing to ride on a non-regular school bus. This for can be found here or in the school office.This form must be signed by the parent of the child requesting to ride, as well as the principal. Forms can be e-mailed, faxed, or turned into the school office on or before the day the ride is being requested. 

What if my child requires medication at school?

If your child requires medication at school, a 'Request for School Assistance to Administer Medication' must be filled out. This form can be found here or in the office. The medication must be brought to the school in it's original container. Loose pills in a baggie cannot be accepted. Medications will be kept in the school office during school hours. No medications will be administered without the appropriate form.

How will I know if school is cancelled for the day?

Palliser Regional Schools has addressed student and staff safety in an updated Inclement Weather procedure, with further changes aimed at reducing any confusion about school closures.

With input from staff and parents, the changes allow the superintendent to close schools on an individual basis, or for the entire division south of Calgary, due to weather and road conditions.

A communications plan is in place to notify school principals of any ‘snow day’ closures, and they in turn will alert staff and parents as early as possible. A notice will also be posted on specific school websites as to any closures. Affected schools will ensure minimal staffing to let in any children who inadvertently arrive, but will contact parents to pick them up or make alternate arrangements for their care.

The previous procedure allowed only for the cancellation of buses – on either a route-by-route basis, or for the entire division – due to weather conditions. Schools remained open with staff expected to report to work. Concerns were raised about staff being asked to travel roads deemed unsafe for school buses.

Procedures now address specific issues regarding the closure of colony schools as well. Palliser does not provide busing for students attending its Calgary schools, which will continue to follow the lead of the Calgary Board of Education to determine whether their buses will run and schools will be open.

The superintendent can still suspend bus service on a route-by-route basis with the school to remain open to the rest of the students. In those cases, the bus drivers will contact affected parents as they have in the past.

Bus drivers retain the discretionary power to cancel their route if they feel road conditions are unsafe.  Parents hold the final decision on whether they send their child to school, if they feel weather or road conditions pose a safety risk.

To view Administrative Procedure 549 in detail, CLICK HERE.